Management Techniques

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The quality, productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction and image of the company depend heavily on training, coordination and motivation for its employees. At present, organizations are societies whose life and stability depend on the strong relationship between the component and its constituent elements, through a skilled and strategic approach to human resources, the organization will attain success. In order for a company to function and work properly, it requires workers who have the knowledge, are willing and able to work properly. Insufficient management of individuals may lead to innumerable problems that will impend the performance of any organization.

With the change in population structure, companies face serious problems when it comes to hiring the right workforce. To solve this problem, a company’s human resource department should have good management techniques, to be able to hire, retain and motivate their employees. This can be done by avoiding discrimination when hiring new employees, enhancing their talents and ensuring they have good working environments and tools such as case management software.

The engagement and participation of staff play a vital role in ensuring the success of any organization. It is the responsibility of the human resource department together with the managers to develop training and mentorship seminars that are necessary to enhance and promote positive worker-employer relations. They direct managers to take care of employees’ morale and ensure that they are satisfied with the prevailing working conditions. They also serve as a link between staff and organization. To be precise, they work tirelessly to foster staff involvement within the company and make sure, that any kind of dissatisfaction is pinned out, and solved before it creates more damages.

A highly trained and skilled human resource team will reduce the institution’s cases of unethical employment. Human resource is the defender(advocates) of staff. The function of the HR Specialist is to ensure that all staff are treated fairly and equally and that the business needs are balanced with the needs of the staff. This is an invaluable role, but it is crucial. Those in charge (Managers) may not be familiar with the exact details of the work environment and cannot understand the exact details. They may fail to implement legislation. The human resource will work to, list, point out, and resolve issues in this workplace. HR is very important to managers so they can continue to focus on their mission and jobs.

In order to successfully deliver the art and skills needed to achieve strategic sustainability, there may also be a need for human resources management to redesign its policies and processes to suit the prevailing conditions, Performance management, rewards, recognition, recruitment and the selection processes. Rewarding employees with not only make them happy, but it will also boost their morale, this will influence service delivery positively.

Generally, employee performance in organizations is reflected in knowledge, skills, behaviours and values. Since, ability, capacity and skills will help the Organization to improve performance and productivity, thus increasing their profit margins, therefore any expenditure on education and development is a long-term investment as long as the company can benefit from it.

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