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About Alexandra Labrum Resume Services
In this challenging market, you need a resume that stands out from all the others, let the professionals help you to design the right resume for the type of Job you desire. How would you like to have a powerful and unique resume that wins interviews for you? We can help! A resume is one of the most important documents in your career, so it makes sense to get one that works! At Alexandra Labrum Resume Service, each and every resume is written from scratch. We customize each resume to showcase your unique skills in a format best suited to each individual. Our resume Specialists have crafted thousands of resumes customized to showcase our clients’ unique skills. We are NOT a “resume factory” that punches your information into a formatted template and provides you with a “cookie-cutter” resume! We are NOT a company that “contracts” your resume out to independent writers who have no expertise within the resume writing field! We do NOT provide you with a resume that is merely a prettier format of what you already have! We are unique because: We specialize in all types of industries and all levels from entry level to executive! We provide you with a Resume Specialist who will personally speak to you over the phone! We create your first draft in 2 business days or less!