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Susanna Dinage has been named as the new premier league chief executive. She will be succeeding, Richard Scudamore, who has served for 19 years. Susanna was the preferred contender by the league’s recruitment board. Her appointment was overwhelmingly voted and confirmed by all 20 premier league teams. Before her appointment, Susanna Dinage was a media guru. She served various media powerhouses like MTV, Channel 5, Discovery Inc, and Animal Planet where she was serving until her appointment.

Her appointment comes at a time when the league is undergoing some difficulties in the local market, where the television copyrights sales have dropped. Her appointment was tactical as she will negotiate terms with local media houses. Having broad and rich experience in the media industry, this will be pretty easy for her. Television the broadcast copyrights are also faced by stiff completion from digital platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, where the fans can stream or watch the match highlights without hassle.

Susanna Dinage will be the third chief executive to serve the league since it was established in 1992. Her predecessors are out-going Richard Scudamore and the pioneer, Rick Parry. Of these, she will be the first female chief executive to serve the league and one of most powerful women in football, keeping in mind, English premier league is the highest and most competitive league in the world, an attractive proposition for executive search consultants.

The outgoing executive chief Richard Scudamore has steered the league for 19 years. He has achieved a lot especially marketing the league to have supporters all corners of the world. The premier league clubs have been requested to contribute €250,000 to go towards his €5 million retirement bonus. He is set to leave the office on January 2019, when the newly appointed Chief executive shall be officially taking over.

The workload before Susanna is huge, bearing in mind the Brexit politics that are currently in play. She is expected to advance the good relations with the FA. (Football Association) The question of introducing technology in match decisions, (the adoption of referee video virtual assistants will all come into play) as many football governing bodies like FIFA and Premier League main competitors, Spanish Laliga, having adopted it. She will endeavor to widen the English premier league fan base and support both locally and internationally. Like her predecessor, she is expected to keep the club owners unified and happy, while trying to increase the sales and profits.

Many football fans are reluctant to embrace her arguing that she does not hold a prior football experience and that football, is not all about television. However, analysts have argued that this is a corporate business just like in TV and digital industry, where she prospered. With Susanna, there, going back is not an option; English premier league may only become better.

Bruce Buck, Chelsea chairman, and the league’s appointment chair said he is very delighted by the appointment because Susanna is a capable and proficient leader. He said that Susanna was coming from corporate media and digital industry and having a strong transformative mentality. She will take the league to the next level. The league is set to spit the role of chief executive following the top-flight clubs decision. The non-executive chair appointment process is set to begin soon.

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