Alexandra Labrum with partner , Josette Stock
Job Placement Experts

Once an interview is set up with Alexandra Labrum, Inc. you will receive a confirmation email with the date and time.
Please notify the office if you are unable to make the interview immediately at 973-729-8210.Prior to the interview, please upload your resume here..
Please fill out the W4 and I9 in this section, print them both and bring them to the interview.
Also, please review the Policies and Procedures and approve prior to coming to our office.
There is a Direct Deposit Form that you can fill out and bring to the interview or fax to our office at any time if you decide you would like to use this service. Direct Deposit is only available to checking accounts at this time and takes 1-3 weeks to take effect.

The interview will take about 45 minutes–please dress in professional attire.

Please bring:
a copy of your resume,
2 forms of ID to support the I-9 form (Driver’s License, Social Security card, Passport),
2 business references (names and phone numbers),
W4 form,
I-9 form.